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66 comments on “Friends of DMI

  1. Joan F. on said:

    What an awesome performance and telling of the story of the birth of Christ! Can’t wait for the production to reach a wider audience.

  2. Pamela I. on said:

    Your website is AWESOME! The opening music took my breath away!! Thanks so much for the interview re Clyde R.!

  3. Sherley on said:

    The family enjoyed the performance and perspective reenactment of the birth of Christ.

  4. "Lizz" T. on said:

    As always, a blessing. My year isn’t complete unless I attend and I have only missed 1 of the 9 years. I look forward to each and every year and I pray that God’s grace abounds for you to continue blessing us with this beautiful, inspirational, and anointed production.

  5. An awesome production. Great, great show. God Bless:)

  6. Rosalie on said:

    Perfection. The performance was GREAT, costumes were beautiful.

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