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66 comments on “Friends of DMI

  1. Denise F. on said:

    I truly loved the show yet again another year. I brought my four year old daughter with me for the first time and she also enjoyed it very much. I can’t wait to see it again next year.

  2. Brendaliz B. on said:

    I traveled from PA, I learned about Nativity from a post by Alicia R. I am so happy I went, my experience was awesome, everything was very organized, I am planning on bringing a group from my church next yr.

  3. Dr. Joy on said:

    Alvin Ailey has nothing on DMI!!! Then when you couple the quality of the production with the most important message needed by all mankind, there is NO question in my mind that DMI is worth all of our support. Yet again I was blessed, ministered to and walked away with a new appreciation for Christ’s marvelous gift. As the body of Christ, we should blow DMI up to all of our friends and family. I can think of no more worthwhile way for us to spend some of our fellowship time during the Christmas season. I pray that God richly blesses Robert and Selena Evans, every member of their family, every single member of cast and crew and all that participated to the production .

  4. What a GLORIOUS production! From the opening act to the closing this production was spectacular. Every character, every dance, every song, every act, depicted the story of Christ’s Birth. The choreography was amazing in every act, the costume was vibrant, and every person gave it their all. I saw this production a few years ago and it was awesome; but this year was even better. You could tell all the prayer that went into this production for every act stirred my heart closer to the King. I rejoiced along with them as souls entered the kingdom of God! Robert Evans and his team has done it again. I can’t wait for what God has in store for the 10th year celebration of presenting, “Nativity: The Birth Of A King”!

  5. Evelyn Y. on said:

    It was an awesome experience

  6. Gordon A. on said:

    After all these years I come expecting Nativity to be great and DMI ALWAYS exceeds my expectations. The new pieces, costumes, staging and lighting were all spectacular. I was brought to tears more then once and to rapturous joy over and over again. Our guests were particularly impressed with the call to acceptance of Christ as ones personal Savior as poignantly impactful. They are already giving notice to friends and family about next year. To you I SCREAM..AMEN..AMEN…AMEN! GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!!! I wish I could write in tongues to more appropriately extol God on your behalf. G.

  7. I loved the show because it was Biblically correct. Over the years I have seen several Nativity stories, but none were as beautifully told and done as this. The story and the manner in which it was told and shown from the costumes, dances, acting and singing was superb. In addition, the music and the way that it was utilized, whether played by live musicians, sung by live singers/and or recordings added a sense of depth and fervent emotion to the magnificence of this beautifully told story about the birth of Jesus . I thank you for your God-given talents and the dream realized. May God continue to bless you, your family and all the families who have come to be a part of “The Story”

  8. Charlee P. on said:

    I am still marveling at the show. It was superb. The colors, the music the talent. Unmatched!!! And then there’s the Evans family. Humble, talented, loving, giving folk. I love you all.

  9. Min Rae on said:

    OMG!!!! Words can’t express the anointing that was on the production this year. The new addition with the men was wonderful. Those Men can SING…… The bond between the new Mary & Joseph was priceless. We the audience really felt the love. God’s Anointing was upon each and every dancer, singer, musician etc.
    Thank you DMI for letting the Lord use you in making this Christmas season one if the most memorable ones .
    During these pass few months, my family has been going thru trying times with my Fathers health. But you all have reminded me that God is in full control!!!! I left revived and renewed
    Thanks again

  10. The beauty of Nativity is the sights and sounds of music and dance. The dancers bring a level of graciousness to play, you can’t help but catch the spirit. I always bring someone new with me to see the play. It is my gift to them. This year I brought my 6 year old niece. She loved it and she wants to be in the play next year as a sheep. This play brings me joy because I can share it with others who can enjoy the play for the first time.

    Thank you to the DMI dancers, singers and everyone behind the scenes. Thank you for making Christmas so special.

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